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  • Recessed Lighting Installation

    Recessed lighting is an essential piece of equipment that will light up a house perfectly while still maintaining a low profile. But the installation process for recessed lighting is not a simple one. Many different factors need to be taken into account to brighten up your house properly.


    Why You Need the Help of 1and1 Electric to Install Recessed Lighting

    Recessed lighting installation is a task best left to professionals. Many things can go wrong if a mistake is made. Some of the reasons for hiring a professional for recessed lighting installation are:

    • The placement of the lights needs to be perfect to provide the best lighting in a room. A professional can identify the best places for the installation of the lights.
    • The recessed lighting installation process requires the cutting of a hole in the drywall. This means that any slight mistakes during this step could ruin the ceiling. Choosing a professional to install recessed lighting for your home will help you ensure that the ceiling remains completely undamaged and safe during the installation.
    • A professional will help you choose the best light bulbs for your needs.
    • A professional can wire recessed lighting in zones, allowing you to turn them on or off in groups independent of each other. You will have more control over how you want a room to be lit at any given time using this method.
    • Some lights require the installation of a transformer to function correctly, for which you will need professional help.


    How a Professional Can Ensure Your Safety

    Recessed lighting installation is a difficult process. Proper care needs to be taken to ensure that no accidents occur. Professionals know how to work safely.

    Accidently cutting through any wiring behind the drywall during installation could cause significant injuries. A professional can determine the safest way to install recessed lighting without damaging the wiring or risking electrocution.

    The fixture will also need to be IC-rated if installed close to insulation to prevent electrical fires. A professional can correctly identify what type of fixtures a house needs.