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  • Electrical Panel Upgrade

    An electrical panel of a home is literally the power hub of your whole house. Usually, electrical panels are long-lasting; however, as time passes, the panels get old as well; this is when an electrical panel upgrade becomes necessary.


    How can 1and1 Electric Help You with Electrical Panel Upgrade

    There are several reasons why your house needs electrical panel upgrades done by professionals. One of the primary reasons for an electrical panel upgrade is the need for a higher electric supply system. With time appliances that use more electricity may be used in your house, which makes the higher electric supply mandatory.

    Moreover, in old houses where the wiring hasn’t been changed for ages, one can find several faulty and old wirings. These old electrical panels cannot support advanced appliances, which is why an electrical panel upgrade can help you keep your house safe and appliances working efficiently.


    Repairing Other Electric Problems Along with Electrical Panel Upgrade

    A professionally done electrical panel upgrade has many benefits, including repairing other electric problems in one go. 1and1 electric will help you get rid of all the electric panel problems with just a one-panel upgrade.

    Even if there are no serious electric problems in your house’s electric panel, an upgrade will act as a preventive measure against any future issues.


    How to Check an Electrical Panel?

    An electrical panel must be checked regularly, especially if it’s an old one. Here is how you can check your electrical panel:

    • See if there are any signs of corrosion or rust on the electric panel, especially on the circuit breakers.
    • Make sure no crackling sounds are coming out of the electric panel.
    • Check the temperature of the electric panel’s interior.
    • Are there any appliances that do not function even at a 100-amp electric service?

    If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs in your house’s electric panel, make an appointment with 1and1 electric and leave all the electric problems to our professionals.