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  • EV Charger Installation

    Most of the people who own an electric vehicle prefer to charge it at home. But for setting your electric car at home, you will need to install an EV charger. Doing so rids the car owner from having to rely on public charging points.

    The EV charger installation process is complicated and potentially dangerous. So, it is best to hire an experienced professional electrician to install it for you.


    Why You Should Choose 1and1 Electric for EV Charger Installation

    If you are not a very experienced electrician, you will need the help of a professional for EV charger installation. You should never install the device yourself, as too many things can potentially go wrong.

    Yes, hiring a professional can be expensive. Still, it will save you from future troubles caused by an incorrect EV charger installation, such as slow charging or electrical damage to the car. These issues can be costly to fix.

    Remember, some companies will not provide you with a warranty if a non-certified individual did the EV charger installation. This restriction is in place for a good reason, as an incompetent person could seriously damage the device or the car.

    You should provide the professional electrician you hired with all the necessary information to avoid any problems during the installation. Remember to give them the Wi-Fi password needed to connect the EV charger to the internet.


    What Are The Safety Precautions a Professional Will Take For EV Charger Installation?

    Making a mistake during the EV charger installation process can potentially cause severe injuries. This is why it is best to hire a professional. They ensure their own and other’s safety while working.

    Using their experience and knowledge, professional electricians can find the safest location for installing the EV charger away from any sim touches. They also make sure to comply with the local regulations.

    To prevent mishaps, the electrician has to take adequate precautions. The power supply needs to be turned off before installing the EV charger. Once the charger is installed, the power can be turned back on, and everything should be checked to ensure that the device is safe to use.