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7745 Alabama Ave #13 Canoga Park, CA 91304
Mon-Fri: 8AM-5PM Sat: 9AM-3PM Sun: Closed
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  • Electrician in Los Angeles

    1and1 Electric – Electrician in Los Angeles

    The demand for electricians is growing abruptly in California. Los Angeles is no exception to this.

    Known as home to the nation’s film and television industry, Los Angeles is a city that is required to look illuminated at all times. 1and1 Electric is a reliable electrician in Los Angeles.

    1and1 Electric offers its electrical services in Los Angeles and has earned a name there. Our company is a specialist in restoring or upgrading your electrical equipment and system.


    1and1 Electric Services and Electrician in Los Angeles

    1and1 Electric is many people’s go-to electrician in Los Angeles. We offer unparalleled commercial and residential services.

    It is a high priority to ensure our services lead to 100% customer satisfaction.

    1and1 Electric has a team of trained and licensed electricians who can carry out a range of electrical operations.

    Our professionals can carry out anything from installing landscape lighting to your outdoor space to upgrading your power panel to a new one.

    1and1 Electric offers services for commercial, industrial, and residential areas. Our services entail wiring and upgrades/installations, emergency power solutions, and designing electrical layouts.


    1and1 Electric Commercial Services

    1and1 Electric has years of experience in meeting the electrical needs of commercial and corporate buyers as an efficient electrician in Los Angeles.

    Our team of professionals is meticulous planners and will successfully carry out all the electrical operations for your commercial property.


    1and1 Electric Residential Services

    Our company offers services for homeowners wanting to improve the electrical system of their house.

    1and1 Electric aims to provide clients with the best solution to their electrical issues.


    1and1 Electric Maintenance and Repair

    1and1 Electric has hired the most competent electricians to conduct maintenance and repair services for clients.

    We aim to use the most advanced technology in the industry to ensure maximum equipment lifetime.


    1and1 Electric Installation Services

    1and1 Electric is also a local expert for different installation services. We will be responsible for the entire process of carrying out the installation at your place.


    1and1 Electric Electrical Panel Upgrade

    The electrical panel in your house is an integral part of the electrical system. It is also known as the power hub. 1and1 Electric knows that electrical panels require upgrading after some time.

    Our team of professionals will upgrade your electrical panel to ensure your place is safe and all the equipment is operating smoothly.


    1and1 Electric Landscape Lighting Installation

    If you want to enhance the entire aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space with landscape lighting, then you are encouraged to contact us for the job.

    We at 1and1 Electric are proud to have installed landscape lighting for so many clients in California. You can trust us with the job of accentuating the beauty of your property with our services.