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7745 Alabama Ave #13 Canoga Park, CA 91304
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  • Electrician in Calabasas

    The city of Calabasas has surpassed Beverly Hills as one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. It is one of the places in the country that is very popular among celebrities. Calabasas is a prosperous city, no doubt about that.

    The nature of living in Calabasas means having a high-operating electrical system all the time. But avoiding electrical malfunction or repair isn’t a realistic option. That is when the most efficient electrician in Calabasas, 1and1 Electric, comes in to offer solutions to your electrical problems.


    1and1 Electric Installation Services and Electrician in Calabasas

    1and1 Electric is rejoiced to announce that it is offering its services in the affluent city of Calabasas. 1and1 Electric is a competent electrician in Calabasas renowned for their unrivaled electrical services and solutions in the area.

    The services offered by 1and1 Electric in Calabasas include electrical solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential areas.

    Your beautiful home in Calabasas is deserving of the most advanced electrical equipment and systems.

    1and1 Electric will take care of all the installation services for you. We have engineers who are experts in designing complex plans for your place.


    1and1 Electric Electrical Panel Upgrade

    Our company also specializes in upgrading old electrical panels in your house. The electrical panel in your home is where all the power is stored. That is why keeping your electrical panel up to date is so significant.


    1and1 Electric Electrical Troubleshooting

    1and1 Electric offers electrical troubleshooting to its customers. It’s a service that remains to be underappreciated. As a reliable electrician in Calabasas, our company aims to let customers know what is best for their electrical equipment.

    Electrical troubleshooting is essential as it inspects the system for potential safety hazards.


    1and1 Electric EV Charger Installation

    If you own an electric vehicle at home, you are encouraged to invest in an EV charger. Having an EV charger allows you to charge your car at home.

    1and1 Electric has experts who will come to your place and install an EV charger in your home professionally.


    1and1 Electric Landscape Lighting Installation

    Landscape lighting becomes an indispensable feature when you own a beautiful lawn, office, or house. Our company is licensed to conduct landscape lighting installation on your property to enhance its character.

    Our electricians are experts at the job and will leave you greatly satisfied with the job.